A Couple in Bloom: Clementine Floral Works in Silver Lake by

Issue 60 · Film Fest · February 22, 2013

A Couple in Bloom: Clementine Floral Works in Silver Lake

Issue 60 · Film Fest · February 22, 2013

In the bustling Sunset Junction area of Los Angeles' ever-evolving Silver Lake neighborhood, floral shop owners Teri Ryan and Cain DeVore create colorful arrangements for locals.

Well, Ryan does the creating, while DeVore handles the main business aspects and mingles with the customers. "I'm the owner who knows what he shouldn't do," he says. Their shop, Clementine Floral Works, combines their visual talents: Ryan has nearly 20 years of experience in floral design, having worked for various film and TV productions, and as the design coordinator for an LA events company. DeVore is a filmmaker who has also acted on screen in films and TV. They opened shop in January 2012.

Fresh flowers decorate the small light-filled space where Ryan and employees, Sharon and Richard, work in the back arranging bouquets and wedding arrangements. Customer drop in, Intelligentsia coffee in hand, to pick up bouquets (some for only $8), chat with DeVore, and mingle with Catfish, the third (four-legged) owner.

Visit Clementine Floral Works for more information; photos by Stacey Lindsay for Gardenista.

Above: Vintage bottles and exposed brick inside an arched window.

Above: Fresh flowers sold by the stem.

Above: DeVore and Ryan in their Silver Lake boutique.

Above: The store stocks a large floral variety, vases, and various home accessories and gifts.

Above: A master at work: Sharon Lowe, director of floral engineering, arranges bouquets with ease. Ryan says that she and Lowe have a "floral shorthand" when they work together.

Above: Terrariums on display.

Above: Catfish, a co-owner, waits in the entryway.

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