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A 21st Century Use for Newsprint: Seed Pots

August 08, 2012 3:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

I may be the last person in America who still wakes up every morning and reads a newspaper. Made of actual paper. Delivered to the end of the driveway. How many trees died today to feed my archaic addiction?

To ease my guilt, I am always trying to take advantage of recycling opportunities — paper airplanes, tri-cornered pirate hats– and now, biodegradable cylinders in which to sprout seeds. A simple two-piece wooden press transforms strips of old newspaper into tiny grow pots:

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Above: A waxed beech wood Seed Pot Maker is 11.50€ from Manufactum. Wind a strip of newsprint–double thickness–around the core, tuck the edges underneath, and press into the base.

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Above: For US gardeners, a Paper Pot Maker is $20 from Third Shift via Etsy.

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Above: The technique, via Uncommon Goods, where an acorn-topped Seed Pot Maker is $17.