ISSUE 90  |  The Modern Root Cellar

5 Favorites: Modern Root Cellars

September 16, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Whenever we go apple picking, we get a little carried away. How many families can eat three bushel baskets of fruit before it goes bad? Solution: storage racks that extend the lifespan of “keeper” crops will keep the harvest fresh longer.

Does anybody have a root cellar any more? What do you do with your apples? Tell us about your pantry in the comments below.

Above: A Three Drawer Vegetable Rack made of untreated fir is £95 from Cox & Cox. Place storage racks in a cool, dark spot to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Storage racks can also be used to dry herbs.

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Above: A Beechwood Fruit Rack is 36€ from Manufactum. The racks are stackable and have space to store fruit and vegetables; separate solid inserts are available to close the drawers’ bottoms to keep smaller items from falling through.

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Above: The rack from Manufactum has a special non-skid construction to keep it in place when stacked or configured in multiple units. It can be customized with an insert to hold wine bottles or with a flat shelf with a wire bottom for drying mushrooms and herbs.

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Above: For abundant harvests (or families who fill too many bushel baskets). A Beech Apple Rack with ten drawers is £235 from Hibbitt.

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Above: For US gardeners, a nine-drawer Orchard Rack is $195 from Gardeners. A smaller six-drawer rack is available for $149.

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Above: Configured to fit the shelves of Gardeners’ Orchard Rack, a set of two Bamboo Trays is useful for holding garlic and other small items that might otherwise fall through the slats; $39.95.

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Above: Made from spruce, the Minya Small Fruit and Vegetable Storage Rack can be separated into three units to fit inside drawers or pantries. The bottom unit has castors. It’s £57.97 from 123Furniture.

For more root vegetable management options, see The Well-Stocked Pantry: Potato Storage 101.

N.B.: This is an update of a post originally published Oct. 2, 2012.