ISSUE 91  |  Roadtrip

5 Favorites: Walking Sticks to Take on the Trail

September 25, 2013 10:00 AM

BY Janet Hall

A well made walking stick is a great trail companion. It can improve your reach, your balance, and stamina. The hunt for the perfect walking stick used to be the driving force to get our children to move in a forward direction on our weekend hikes. Here are some favorites that look as if you could have found them alongside the trail. 

Above: Made by Commune Design for the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, the Ace Walking Stick is made of natural wood still covered in bark and stands 58 inches tall; $78 through the Commune Design Shop. 

Above: Wupen Sticks Diamond Willow Walking Sticks are hand carved, sanded, and finished with verathane. Prices range from $65 to $110 depending on the particular stick. 

Above: For our UK readers, the Rustic Blackthorn Walking Stick is handmade in Ireland from blackthorn wood with a high gloss finish and a copper tip; £30 at Walking Sticks Online. 

Above: Bear Paw Rustics crafts walking sticks in Maine from a variety of woods, including ash and maple. This Ash Wood Walking Stick has a braided hemp strap and a bark-grip handle area. It is sanded smooth and finished with natural linseed oil; $60 through Bear Paw Rustics Esty Shop.

 Above: The Natural Free Form Sassafras Walking Stick with a clear lacquer finish is $23 at Fashionable Canes.

Above: Diamond willow is favored for being strong but lightweight. The Unfinished Diamond Willow Hiking Staff is $95 at Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks.

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