ISSUE 53  |  A Fresh Start

5 Favorites: Tool Sharpeners

January 02, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Thank you, winter, for giving us a respite. Short days, cold nights, and time to clean, repair, and sharpen all those dull, rusty garden tools:

Above: A Tool Care Kit from Fiskar’s comes with a diamond file and a bottle of oil to clean moving parts; $18.95 from Amazon. Photograph via Fiskar’s.

Above: A Belgian Grindstone has two clay slates glued together to create an irregularly shaped sharpening surface. Use one side for coarse filing and the other for finer sharpening. It’s 27.50 from Manufactum.

Above: A Sneeboer Garden Whetstone is $29.60 from Garden Tool Company. Good for sharpening larger tools, it has an extra hard silicon carbide stone.

Above: Available in three grits—extra fine, fine, and coarse—a Diamond Whetstone Hand Tool Sharpener is $42.15 from Gempler’s.

Above: A Felco Diamond Sharpener has a hardened steel plaque coated with diamonds; $34.03 from Felco Store.

Above: A double-sided, 8-inch-long Nicholson Handy File has rounded edges to make it safe to carry in your pocket in the garden. It’s $15.41 from Grainger.

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