ISSUE 27  |  Scandi Summerhouse

5 Favorites: Scandinavian-Style Oil Lamps

July 05, 2012 7:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Burning the midnight oil: Here’s a roundup of our favorite Scandi-style oil lamps, good for illuminating the summer porch.

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Above: The Stelton Lamp, created in 1990 by Copenhagen-born designer Erik Magnussen for Stelton, is available at Unica Home; the 13.3-inch Stelton Ship’s Lamp is $549, and the 17-inch Stelton Ship’s Lamp is $689.

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Above: Designer Christian Bjí¸rn created these elegant Lighthouse Oil Lamps; prices start at $85 for the 9-inch-high Lighthouse Oil Lamp; the lamps are also available in larger sizes.

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Above: Designed by Broberg & Ridderstrale for Klong, the Patina Lamp is made from copper and glass with a nickle-plated burner; SEK 1,700 from Design Butiken.

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Above: Polished stainless steel and a clear glass shade lend an unmistakably 21st century air to a whaler’s oil lamp: the Stelton Oil Lamp, by designer Eric Magnusson, is sturdy enough to stand up to the outdoor elements; suitable for indoor use, as well. It’s $109 from Canoe. Image via Stelton.

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Above: The Bollard Oil Lamp is currently on sale for $126.38 (down from $157.98) at Fjorn Scandinavian.

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