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5 Favorites: Ornaments for Nature Lovers

December 02, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

Since ancient times, people have marked the winter solstice by bringing evergreen bows into their homes. Later, Christians in 16th century Germany brought whole trees into the house, which they decorated with handmade and natural ornaments like nuts and fruit. 

At Gardenista, we still think that one of the best ways to adorn a tree is with trimmings straight from Mother Nature.

Above: One of my most cherished ornaments is a delicate wooden snowflake from Quite Alright. This year I’d love to add a set of Ingrid’s Birch Snowflakes, hand carved from some bark she found on a walk; $15.

Above: Pilosale’s carved Wooden Bell has a metal bell inside that gently jingles; $12.

Above: Simple and sweet, these Acorn Friends from My White Room are made with real acorn caps; $12.

Above: Heather Fagan of Betulla makes a line of woodland inspired, birch bark ornaments, including birds, mushrooms, and this charming, gold-topped Birch Bark Acorn Set; $20.

Above: Send one to a friend: designed in Finland by Anne Paso, this simple wooden Lovi Ball comes flat, as a postcard. Available from Merchant No. 4; on sale for $12 (large) or $10 (small). 

Above: Hand carved in Canada by Pilosale, this Forest Wood Ornament Set of six is available at Terrain; $28.

N.B. This holiday season, you can bring more nature inside, with our selection of Living Ornaments.