ISSUE 96  |  Garden to Table

5 Favorites: Men’s Garden Gloves

November 05, 2013 8:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

When we source rugged outdoors wear, so much seems designed just for men that we find ourselves drawn to the occasional gems designed specifically with women in mind. But in our recent Reader Survey, we learned there are some male gardeners reading these pages who felt left out of the fun. 

For their benefit: a roundup of five favorite gardening gloves that are particularly well suited for men. Not that this should stop our women readers from also giving them a try. To each his or her own, we say.

(See 10 Easy Pieces: Gardening Gloves for a range of gloves suited to both women and men). 

Above: The Chore Glove in supple white Italian leather comes with a choice of yellow, blue, green, or red piping; $18 from Best Made Co. 

For colder days, the Tireman Lined Glove lined in polar fleece for extra warmth; $49 at Sullivan Glove Co. Made in the USA.

Heavy Lifter Men’s Leather Work Gloves come with an adjustable leather cinch at the wrist for a comfortable fit; $18.50 from Fields and Lane.

Coated in natural latex, Atlas Fit 300 Gloves fit snugly with an open fabric back for breathability; 12 for $29.95 from Cooper Safety Supply; individual pairs of Atlas Fit 300 Gloves for $5.79 from Amazon.

Golden Buckskin Gloves have a seamless palm for added comfort. Available in sizes 7-12 in half sizes; $26.95 from Bear Wallow Glove Company. Made in the USA.

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