ISSUE 70  |  Spring Fling

5 Favorites: Colorful Garden Walls

May 01, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

Adding color to a garden wall creates a strong focus for the space. You can mix colorant into stucco or add a coat of paint to an existing wall; here are five of our favorite colorful garden walls:

Above: Photograph via Apaiser.

A green backdrop can lend one potted plant enough gravitas to carry the entire garden.

Above: Photograph via Maison-Hand.

Let us not forget the power of white.

Above: Photograph via The Style Files.

Certain summer skies are such an impossible blue that they need a bright pink to calm them down.

Above: Photograph via The Poetry of Material Things.

A watery green to remind you of the relationship between plants and water.

Above: Photograph via Make Design Firm.

The spice of an orange courtyard absorbs the hot midday sun in Santa Fe.

Above: Photograph by Pedro Felgueiras.

For more, see A Red Garden Wall by Pedro Felgueiras.