ISSUE 64  |  Loft Living

5 Favorites: Bathroom as Garden

March 20, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Julie Carlson

With spring officially under way as of today, we can’t think about anything except gardens—indoors as well as out. Why not in the bathroom, where the humidity level is conducive to all sorts of greenery? Here are a few of our favorite garden-like bathrooms:

Above: A bath designed by Minneapolis firm Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle.

Above: In a garden penthouse on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, peace lily, peperomia, and prayer plant climb up the master bath’s teak vanity and onto the lavastone walls, creating a curtain of verdant, air-purifying foliage. For more, see Bath: Green Room.

For more bathroom ideas, see House Plants as Camouflage.

Above: Photograph via Mieke Willems. For more, see The Plant Portraits of Mieke Verbjilen.

Above: A garden-like bathroom designed by Flora Grubb.

Above: A tree grows in the Marin County bathroom designed by Dirk Denison Architects.

Above: A bathroom in Marin County, California designed by Dirk Denison Architects.

For more of our favorite bathroom style, see DIY: Maidenhair Fern as Bathroom Greenery.