ISSUE 62  |  Japonesque

10 Ways to Pretend Winter is Already Over

March 09, 2013 11:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Everywhere I looked this week, spring was getting a jump on things. Spanish bluebells took over my garden, local strawberries showed up at the market, and at the office we all boxed our stuff and stuck Post-Its to our computer monitors—we’re moving to a sunnier spot. Hope you are too:

Not your grandmother’s crochet; it’s street art for the garden. Get the full story (and the new issue of Leaf Magazine).

Stacey is entranced with Chanel’s pop-up flower stall, parked in London’s Covent Garden in advance of Mothering Sunday. The European version of Mother’s Day, it will be celebrated tomorrow; get your last-minute bouquets now.

We’re ready to plant stuff: Erin organized her gardener’s tool box (and got a gorgeous pair of new gloves).

Pick your favorite tiny house plant. Belgian photographer Mieke Verbijlen has a Pilea Pepermodiodies (above).

Orchid thief? Resist the urge and buy a ticket instead.

A swatch of Farrow & Ball Rosslyn wallpaper.

Thanks for voting. After we asked you to help me pick the perfect wallpaper for my powder room, you chose Jocelyn Warner’s Wisteria over the other four contenders. I didn’t see that one coming—and now I’m totally confused (but in a good way). Should I consider other patterns?

See the forest through the trees.

Whole Foods: If that melon you’re squeezing is genetically modified, the label will say so. The grocery manufacturers’ trade group isn’t happy about that. Are you?

A recipe for Elderflower Cordial (you knew there had to be at least one).

Did you finish making your splash painted Japanese lanterns yet? I hope so, because DIY Week starts Monday—two projects a day!— and i don’t want you to fall behind.

Want a jump start on DIY Week? Here’s a sneak preview.