ISSUE 96  |  Garden to Table

10 Easy Pieces: Vegetable Brushes

November 06, 2013 4:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

We all know there are certain vegetables you don’t want to wash because they get all soggy and gross.  Here are ten vegetable brushes that can ensure you never ruin a mushroom again:

Above: Designed by Lovisa Wattman for Iris Hantverk, a horsehair Pan/Vegetable Brush with an oiled birch handle is equally at home dusting dirt off your mushrooms or scrubbing pots; $25 from Ode to Things.


Above: A long-handled wooden Vegetable Brush with nylon bristles is dishwasher safe; available for $3.95 from Sur La Table.

Above: Made of bamboo with recycled natural plastic bristles, a Ring Vegetable Brush is $4.50 from Soap.

Above: A specialty brush. Soft bristles brush dirt off mushrooms without bruising them; the Redecker Mushroom Brush has a beechwood handle and is $9.95 from Sur La Table.

Above: In case you forget why you bought it, a Vegetable Brush with its name written on the handle will remind you every time you pick it up. From West Elm and made with synthetic fibers and beechwood, it’s $8.

Above: And now for something completely different. If you’d prefer the German version, a Gemí¼sebí¼rste Vegetable Brush is $8 AU from Est Australia.

Above: Handmade in Germany, a Round Vegetable Brush has natural tampico fiber bristles; $12 from Brook Farm General Store.

Above: With soft nylon bristles suitable for scrubbing potatoes, a wood-handled Vegetable Brush is $3.95 from Crate and Barrel.

Above: A child-friendly Mini Vegetable Brush has coir bristles. Kids, clean those carrots. It’s $3.95 from For Small Hands.

Above: A Stainless Steel Palm Veggie Brush has nylon bristles and a “soft grip finger loop.” It’s $9.95 from Williams Sonoma.