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10 Easy Pieces: Vegetable Brushes

November 06, 2013 4:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

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We all know there are certain vegetables you don’t want to wash because they get all soggy and gross.  Here are ten vegetable brushes that can ensure you never ruin a mushroom again:

Above: Designed by Lovisa Wattman for Iris Hantverk, a horsehair Pan/Vegetable Brush with an oiled birch handle is equally at home dusting dirt off your mushrooms or scrubbing pots; $25 from Ode to Things.


Above: A long-handled wooden Vegetable Brush with nylon bristles is dishwasher safe; available for $3.95 from Sur La Table.

Above: Made of bamboo with recycled natural plastic bristles, a Ring Vegetable Brush is $4.50 from Soap.

Above: A specialty brush. Soft bristles brush dirt off mushrooms without bruising them; the Redecker Mushroom Brush has a beechwood handle and is $9.95 from Sur La Table.

Above: In case you forget why you bought it, a Vegetable Brush with its name written on the handle will remind you every time you pick it up. From West Elm and made with synthetic fibers and beechwood, it’s $8.

Above: And now for something completely different. If you’d prefer the German version, a Gemüsebürste Vegetable Brush is $8 AU from Est Australia.

Above: Handmade in Germany, a Round Vegetable Brush has natural tampico fiber bristles; $12 from Brook Farm General Store.

Above: With soft nylon bristles suitable for scrubbing potatoes, a wood-handled Vegetable Brush is $3.95 from Crate and Barrel.

Above: A child-friendly Mini Vegetable Brush has coir bristles. Kids, clean those carrots. It’s $3.95 from For Small Hands.

Above: A Stainless Steel Palm Veggie Brush has nylon bristles and a “soft grip finger loop.” It’s $9.95 from Williams Sonoma.