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10 Easy Pieces: Seed Saving Envelopes

September 03, 2013 7:00 PM

BY Erin Boyle

Whether you’re saving them for yourself or giving them away as gifts, here are ten envelopes to help store your seeds this fall.


Above: Not designed with seeds in mind per se, these vertical envelopes with a string enclosure would make handsome seed packets. A set of six Midori Kraft Envelopes is available from Vetted for $8.

Above: Father Rabbit stocks classic Seed Envelopes with spaces to record seed type, variety, date collected, and notes. A set of 20 packets available for $15 NZD.

Above: For a rustic look, Handmade Paper Mini Envelopes are made from hand-pressed recycled paper. A set of 14 envelopes; available from Useless Paper for $9.50.

Above: The Seattle Seed Company sells packets of eight Seed Saving Envelopes for $4.95. Pre-printed spaces for record keeping include options for labeling seeds as organic, heirloom, hybrid, open-pollinated, hand-pollinated, and/or perennial. 


Above: Among the smallest of the bunch, these Itty Light Gray Coin Envelopes would be plenty big enough for most garden seeds. A pack of ten is available for $3 from Inkit.

Above: Classic manilla Seed Storage Envelopes designed by Burgon and Ball and for sale at William Sonoma; $9.95 for a packet of 20.

Above: Crisp white Paper Seed Envelopes lined for seed saving notes, 100 seed packets available for €7.90.


Above: Resealable Seed Saving Envelopes from Moonlight Mirco Farm have sift-proof corners and can be resealed from three to four times; 13 envelopes for $3.50.


Above: For a brighter option, E & M Heirloom Seeds gas colorful Seed Saving Envelopes screen-printed with spaces for recording seed type, date, and other notes; five envelopes available for $5.


Above: The largest envelope in the lineup, Red Cruisers Seed Saver Envelopes are $6 for a set of four.

To learn how to save seeds in the first place, see DIY: How to Save Seeds for Next Year.