ISSUE 83  |  Entertaining: Summer Edition

10 Easy Pieces: Outdoor Dining Plates

July 31, 2013 5:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

During the summer months, we’re switching out our ceramic dinnerware for hard-wearing, unbreakable plates that we can tote to the beach, pack for picnics, and carry out for backyard entertaining. Skip the disposable paper and plastic–here are 10 of our favorite designs in wood and enamel for longterm use. 



Above: West Elm Market’s Enamelware Dinnerware is inspired by vintage enamel plates and made from steel with a porcelain-enamel finish that is shatterproof. The dinner plates, white with a black rim, are $40 for a set of four from West Elm.


Above: From Italian designer Stefania di Petrillo, the Variopinte Enamelware Plate set is created by crushing natural pigments and mixing them with glass powder, all applied by hand to the metal before firing. The enamel is nontoxic and dishwasher safe. Designed for stacking, the three sizes are $16.50 for small (decorated with a center circle), $22.50 for medium, and $26 for a dinner plate at The Vitrine. See the full line at Variopinte (online ordering available).


Above: At Labour and Wait in the UK, Marble Enamel Plates in red are €8.50 each.


Above: The classic Falcon Enamelware Plates are available with a blue, red, or pigeon gray rim for €24.99 directly at Falcon Enamelware. A similar 10-inch enamelware Vintage White Dinner Plate is $6.29 at Kolorful Kitchen.


Above: Best Made Company’s Seamless & Steadfast Enamel Steel Plates are made to be hefty and durable with a rim reinforced with a double dipping of enamel; $35 for two or $90 for 6 from Best Made Co.



Above: Christine’s favorite outdoor dinnerware are designer Tony Farrell’s Wooden Plates. Farrell, a wood turner from Cork, Ireland, hand turns the plates using Irish ash and finishes them with a natural oil; €22 from Makers & Brothers.


Above: The Tondo 6-Inch Plate (left) is made from acacia harvested in the forests of the Philippines under a local government reforestation program; $4.95 each from Crate & Barrel.


Above: Made from American blonde hickory wood, the Round Wood Cheese Plate can be used as a dinner plate or as a serving platter; currently on sale for $25.50 for the small plate from Canvas.


Above: Raw sculpted 7.5-inch Wood Plates from Lost & Found in LA (currently unavailable, contact for planned restock dates and more information).


Above: From Colorado-based furniture maker David Rasmussen, Wud Plates in square cafe sizes and longer trays (shown) are $48 each.


Above: Brookfarm General Store’s Wooden Plates, made from acacia and finished with nontoxic mineral oil, are available in three sizes: small for $12, medium for $17, and large for $22.


Above: Designed by Rino Ono in the Takahashi Kougei wood workshop in Hokkaido, the Cara Wood Plate is made from linden and finished with food-grade polyurethane; $55 for the small plate and $90 for the medium size from Muhs Home.

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