10 Easy Pieces: Outdoor Clocks by

Issue 64 · Loft Living · March 19, 2013

10 Easy Pieces: Outdoor Clocks

Issue 64 · Loft Living · March 19, 2013

When donning garden gloves, your watch is better left indoors. Consider a weatherproof clock to keep track of time (and temperatures) in the garden.

Above: The Large Metal Weatherproof Outdoor Clock is available in two colors: clay (shown) and slate. It measures 12.6 inches in diameter; £45 at Willow and Stone.

Above: Measuring 10-inches square, the Recycled Traditional Outdoor Clock features Roman numerals. It looks and feels like slate, but is made in the UK from recycled vending machine cups; $37.21 at A Short Walk.

Above: Made in the US of gray steel, the industrial strength Warrior Electric Outdoor Clock measures 13.25 inches in diameter; $191.92 at Simply Wall Clocks.

Above: A battery-powered, weatherproof Outdoor Clock in a metal casing is £28 from Cox & Cox.

Above: The Karlsson Present Time In-Outdoor Station Clock is made of galvanized steel and measures 15 inches in diameter; $59.09 at Amazon.

Above: The Brushed Stainless Steel Outdoor Wall Clock features eye-catching (and easy to read) red hands. It measures 7.8 inches in diameter; $40.31 at A Short Walk.

Above: An clock that sets itself (with the help of US Government radio signals). The 12-inch Stainless Steel Atomic Outdoor Clock from La Crosse Technology is $39.91 at Garden.com.

Clocks with Thermometers

Above: The Recycled Indoor/Outdoor Classic Thermometer Clock feels and looks like slate, but is crafted in the UK from vending machine coffee cups. It measures 6.25 by 10.25 inches and is $38.76 at A Short Walk.

Above: The generously-sized Infinity Instruments' Definitive In/Outdoor 24-Inch Clock measures not only time, but also temperature and humidity levels. It has radio-controlled time setting and comes with a steel black frame; $96.98 at Hayneedle.

Above: The Bai Design Aquamaster Weatherproof Gunmetal Wall Clock measures 10-inches in diameter and includes a thermometer; $55.00 at Amazon.

Above: Infinity Instruments Acclimator Outdoor Wall Clock features a galvanized steel casing and measure 15 inches in diameter; $27.78 through Amazon.

Prefer to leave time telling to the indoors and just measure the temperature? See our favorite Outdoor Thermometers with Style.

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