10 Easy Pieces: Little Black Planters by

Issue 95 · Southern Gothic · October 29, 2013

10 Easy Pieces: Little Black Planters

Issue 95 · Southern Gothic · October 29, 2013

A little black planter serves the same purpose as a little black dress: every houseplant looks better wearing one. The right one, that is. Here are ten of our favorites, in all shapes and sizes:

black orchid pot from ikea l Gardenista

Above: A black earthenware Papaja Plant Pot has a powder coating and measures 7.5 inches tall; suitable for orchids, it's $2.99 from Ikea.

black charcoal hanging planter via Etsy l Gardenista

Above: Made from a repurposed track light, a one-of-a-kind charcoal hanging Grande Balle Planter is made of metal and has drainage holes. It comes with a suede leather cord and tarnished nickel cord for hanging; $29 from Plantworks PDX via Etsy.

black square metal planter ; Gardenista

Above: Made of metal, a black Sunscape Square Planter comes in three sizes: a 10-inch, a 14-inch, and an 18-inch cube; available from Bobby Berk Home at prices ranging from $60 to $120.

hanging black planter from small spells l Gardenista

Above: Handmade in Brooklyn using non-toxic clays and glazes, a tiny Black Crescent Moon Planter is $40 and available seasonally; for ordering information, see Small Spells.

black mossed clay pots l Gardenista

Above: Available in four sizes (from 4 to 10 inches in diameter), Black Mossed Wide Rim Rose Pots come with saucers; priced from $4.99 to $25 each from Jamali Garden.

Little black planter l Gardenista

Above: Handmde in upstate New York, a porcelain Black Sculptural Planter has a black satin glaze and measures 6 inches by 7 inches by 3.5 inches tall. It has a drainage hole and rubber plug; $55 from Land M Studio via Etsy.

Bauer jardiniere black pot l Gardenista

Above: A wide-mouthed black Jardiniere Pot comes in three heights: 9, 12, and 16 inches. Prices range from $60 to $250 from Bauer Pottery.

black ceramic bowl planter from Sprout Home l Gardenista

Above: A ceramic matte black Mod Bowl Planter is made from 25 percent recycled materials; with a 13-inch outside bowl diameter, it's $89 from Sprout Home.

  black stan bitters thumb pot bowl l Gardenista

Above: A ceramic Stan Bitters Thumb Pot Bowl is 6 inches high and 14 inches in diameter and is currently on sale, marked down from $249 to $211.65 at Modernica.

black chalkboard planters from west elm l Gardenista

Above: Available in 4-, 6-, and 8-inch sizes, black terracotta Chalkboard Planters are from $6 to $12 at West Elm.

black fiberstone bowl planter l Gardenista

Above: A hand-cast planter suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, a Glossed Fiberstone Bowl has a drainage hole and comes in two diameters—13.5 inches and 21.75 inches—and is available for from $38 to $78 from Terrain.

  black tall tapered plastic planter l Gardenista

Above: For both indoor and outdoor use, a tall, tapered plastic Serralunga Kabin Planter is $295 from All Modern.

By the day after Halloween, will you be ready to trade in your black planters? See our 10 Easy Pieces: White Hanging Planters.

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