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10 Easy Pieces: Labware Plant Stands

January 06, 2015 5:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Better living through chemistry? We like to repurpose vintage laboratory equipment to make vases and tabletop tableaux to display flowers, fronds, and stems. Here are 10 of our favorites:

Above: Photograph by Ethanollie via Etsy.

Above: Dating to the 1940s, a Vintage Industrial Lab Stand (Right) with a round-bottom glass beaker is $95 from Ohalbatross via Etsy.



Above: A vintage Kelly Infusion Jar on Lab Stand with a cast iron base measures 18 inches tall (including an 11-inch high glass jar) and is $149 from Relique.

Above: A Frey Ring Stand (L) that holds four flasks or beakers with diameters of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches is $31 from School Specialty and a set of six Vintage Lab Glass Beakers (R) comes with a thermometer for $199 from Chairish.


Above: A bed spring refashioned as a lab stand supports a Large Vintage Kimax Centrifuge Tube Vase; $49 from Relique.

Above: A Laboratory Glass Bell and Stand measuring 21 inches tall (including an 18-inch glass bell) and has a chrome stand; $224 from Madformidcentury via eBay.


Above: A Vintage Industrial Lab Stand (third from Left) made of metal and glass comes with a glass beaker and is 12 inches tall; $78 from Ohalbatross via Etsy.


Above: A 1950s-era iron Antique Lab Stand with a glass flask is 9 inches tall; $90 from Adry Vintage via Etsy.

Above: The DIY version. You can configure a custom (and relatively inexpensive) plant stand with labware components available in various sizes, including (clockwise, from Left): a 23-inch A Base Support Stand ($18.50);  a 3-In Ring Support ($5.60); a 250 ML Filtering Flask ($10.95); a 75 MM Diameter Glass Funnel ($2.95), and a 6-In Tripod Stand ($5.60) from Home Science Tools.

You can mix and match these and other glass and metal science equipment–including clamps, beakers, test tubes–to create any size labware stand. (When ordering, make sure the diameter of ring supports or metal stands is an appropriate size to fit glassware components.)

Above: A set of eight glass Test Tube Bud Vases On A Metal Stand rests on an iron base and is $54.99 AU from via eBay. For a similar look, a Vintage Test Tube Rack with four test tubes is $48 from Vintage Archeology via Etsy.

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