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10 Easy Pieces: Kokedama Plants

September 15, 2015 3:00 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

The Japanese tradition of kokedama–in which a plant’s roots are wrapped in a moss ball–has spread worldwide and prompted many admiring variations (including our own DIY Kokedama Planters). It’s easy to see why. And as houseplants go, a kokedama is pretty low-maintenance: soak the moss ball in water every few days, mist daily, and give the little fellow a home in indirect light.

From tiny bonsai trees to ferns, here are our 10 favorite kokedamas to buy: 

Above: A Black Pine Kokedama incorporates a miniature bonsai tree into the design; 2,480¥ (approximately $19.96 US) from Bonsai-Myo.

Above: The Kokedama, a small staghorn fern (Platycerium lemoinei) grown and packed in Florida, is $48 from The Sill. 

Above: A Kokedama Autumn Leaves is a Japanese maple tree bonsai; $2,160¥ (approximately $17.39 US) from Rocca Clann via Yahoo.

Above: A Fern Kokedama String Garden is $32 from Pistils Nursery.

Above: A Japanese black pine bonsai Moss Ball Pinus kokedama is 3,132¥ (approximately $25.22 US) from Rocca Clann via Yahoo.

Above: A set of three, an Aralia Fern String Garden Trio is $138 from Terrain. The kokedamas also are sold separately for $48 apiece.

Above: A Mint Kokedama String Garden is $58 from Twig Terrariums.

Above: From Viva Terra, a set of three Kokedama plants includes (from L to R) a rabbit’s hair fern, a succulent, and a spider plant; the trio is $98. 

Above: In Cape Town, floral designer Marissa Pretorius of Opus Studio creates hanging kokedamas that have curtains of vines; for more information and prices, see Opus.

Above: From Greenscape, a camellia Kokedama is available seasonally for 2,730¥ (approximately $21.98 US). For more information and to inquire about availability, see Greenscape.

Inspired to make your own DIY Kokedama? See Small Space Gardening: DIY Kokedama Planters and DIY: Kokedama String Gardens.