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10 Easy Pieces: Indoor/Outdoor Tool Sets

June 12, 2013 1:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up our ten favorite tool sets–from barbecue tools to woodworking and housecleaning–because a set of beautiful tools is that much more inspiring to work with.

Barbecue Tools

Above: From Danish designer Niels Hvass, the Grill Set (a fork, spatula, and tongs) is made from stainless steel and FSC-certified solid teak wood (a weather-resistant material). The set is $125 from Design Within Reach and can be paired with the Skewer Set of 2 for $55.

Above: Designed by New York-based Schmidt Brothers, the Grill Tool Set is made from stainless steel and hemlock wood and is currently on sale for $49.99 from West Elm Market.

Above: The four-piece Italian Barbecue Tool Set is made by Maserin in Magiano, Italy from rust-resistant, brushed steel from Germany and Brazilian rosewood handles with an oiled finish. The set is $220 from Kaufmann Mercantile in LA.

Woodworking Tools

Above: The Hybrid Chisel Set is a set of red-oak-handled Akagashi chisels, and represent a Japanese-Western hybrid. Made with vanadium-alloyed steel, the set is $339AUD from Japanese Tools in Australia.

Above: The tools in the Lie Nielsen Set of 5 Mortise Chisels with Tool Roll are made from cryogenically treated A-2 tool steel and have a steel and socket design. Made for furniture mortising, the set includes a seven-pocket leather tool roll. The set is $390 from Highland Woodworking.

Hand Tools

Above: From industrial designer Jonas Damon, the Wood Tool Set is made from used new growth and is made up of a bright LED flashlight, level, ruler, and screwdriver (with interchangeable Phillips and flathead bits). The set is $95 from A+R Store.

Above: The custom-made Wood Handled Screwdriver Set of 8 comes in four different sizes, with a flat head and a Phillips head in each length. With steel blades and a black oxide finish, all forged and treated in Massachusetts and hand assembled in Michigan; $59.95 from Kaufmann Mercantile.

Above: Available at Schoolhouse Electric in Portland, Oregon (and online), the Hammer Screwdriver Combination Set is an all-in-one tool set with a claw hammer and three removable screwdrivers for $22.

Above: The Gimlet Set is made up of seven auger gimlets made in France from blackened, tempered steel wire. The set has both 2-millimeter and 5-millimeter diameter drills and is priced at £12 from Objects of Use in the UK.

Garden Tools

Above: A Gardenista favorite, the Sophie Conran Tool Set includes a dibber (not shown here), secateurs, fork, trowel, weeder, sieve, and compost scoop for £99.95 from Burgon & Ball in the UK.

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