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10 Easy Pieces: Garden Gloves

May 05, 2014 6:30 PM

BY Janet Hall

I have a friend who is the Imelda Marcos of gardening gloves. She has a pair for every occasion: pruning, planting, hot-days, and cold. Truth be told, I can’t be bothered with storing or selecting from a glove collection. Is there a gardening glove that can do it all? Here are ten all-purpose garden gloves that are durable, protective, and can help you get a grip on your hands-on gardening activities.

Like shoes, gloves are subject to individual preference when it comes to material (leather or synthetic), fit (open or closed cuffs; elastic or Velcro), and coverage (above the wrist or not). Our selections cross a range of options.  Do you have a gardening glove you love? Please share in the comments below.


Above:  Designed especially for women’s hands, the Pallina Glove is made of washable goatskin leather and boar hide. Kevlar thread stitching and double-reinforced padded palms add to their durability. Pallina Gloves are available in different size and length options and are priced at from $40 to $45. 


Above: The seamless Atlas Nitrile Gardening Gloves with a breathable knit back; available in four colors and in a range of sizes. They are $5.95 at Fire Escape Farms.


Above: The rugged Women’s Gauntlet Gardening Gloves have a puncture-proof but pliable goatskin body with padded palms and a nearly 3-inch gauntlet to protect wrists and keep out debris; $39.50 at Duluth Trading Company.



Above: Made from fabric that comes from recycled bottles, The West County Work Glove is a multi-purpose gardening glove suitable for most tasks. West County is a glove company, and the people who work there are experts in the field. The gloves are reinforced everywhere that comes into contact with tools or soil. This glove has a padded synthetic palm and stretch mesh back, and a built-in terry cloth brow wipe. Available in bright colors so your gloves don’t disappear into the landscape if you lay them down; $21.60 at West County Gardener. Need a harder working glove? Consider the heavy-duty West County Landscape Glove for $28.80.


Above: Handmade in Bend, Oregon, the Deerskin Work & Garden Gloves are made of supple leather that conforms to the shape of your hands with use; $44.95 at Kaufmann Mercantile.

Above: The machine-washable knit West County Garden Grip Gloves are coated with double-dipped nitrile for a waterproof and abrasion resistant finish. Available in three sizes; $12 at Rejuvenation.


Above: A classic used by gardeners at Buckingham Palace, the Gold Leaf Dry Touch Garden Gloves are made with supple and durable deerskin leather that is treated for water resistance. The gloves are designed to start with a very snug fit that then stretches and molds to the contours of your hands. Available for $42.95 at Gardener’s Supply. The Gold Leaf Dry Touch Garden Gloves (UK) are also available in the UK for £18.99 through the Royal Horticulture Society (which endorses this glove).  


Above: For those who prefer an adjustable cuff closure, Gold Leaf Soft Touch Garden Gloves are made with deerskin leather palms and fingers with a nylon and lycra back for flexibility. Close fitting, they are designed to stretch and mold to your hands; $42.95 at Gardener’s Supply.  The Gold Leaf Soft Touch Garden Gloves (UK) are available in the UK for £20.99 through the Royal Horticulture Society.

Above: Sophie Conran Gardening Gloves are available in a short length for everyday gardening and a long length that offers extra protection when pruning and cutting; £14.95 at Burgon and Ball.


Above: The all-purpose West County Classic Garden Gloves feature reinforced stress points, a protective palm, and silicon grip dots. The Synthetic material is machine washable. Available in four sizes and three colors for $28 at Terrain.

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N.B.: This is an update of a post originally published September 20, 2013.