ISSUE 47  |  Deck the Hols

10 Easy Pieces: Garlands and Boughs to Deck Halls

November 29, 2016 4:00 AM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Maybe you do it for the scent of piney, aromatic evergreens. Or because you want to create a winter woodland indoors. Your motive is your business.

We agree with the impulse. There’s nothing more festive in December than draping greenery across a mantel, over a doorway, or down the center of the holiday table. Here are 10 sources for freshly cut garlands and boughs:


Above: Grown in Monterey County, California, a 6-foot fresh Cedar & Eucalyptus Garland is $70 from Food52.


Above: Fresh pine roping. Photograph by Erin Boyle.

Above: Michigan-based Wilson Evergreens delivers via Fed Ex ground shipping three varieties of freshly cut garlands from the state’s northern forests. Each garland of Cedar Pine ($59.95), White Pine ($58.99), or Balsam ($56.99) is 18 feet long.


Above:  A 75-inch Fresh Cedar Garland is $148 from Terrain.


Above: Alexa made a moody holiday garland using boughs of fresh privet with dark berries (which she found at the corner florist). You can use her technique with any kind of bough that’s available from the florist; for step-by-step instructions, see DIY Privet Garland.


Above:  Recreate the look of our DIY Holiday Fire Escape with a mixture of fresh Fresh Evergreen Boughs, $25 from Olde Haven Farm via Etsy. Photograph by Erin Boyle.


Above: Woven with wire to make it easy to drape over mantels or around railings, an aromatic Bay Leaf Garland comes in two lengths, 6 and 12 feet. As the garland’s leaves dry, you can use them in cooking; $59.95 or $99.95, depending on length, from Williams-Sonoma.


Above: Make tiny swags with branches of different kinds of evergreens. To recreate the look of our DIY Holiday Decor for Small Spaces, a 24-inch box of fresh Christmas Holly is $24.99 from Mistletoe. Photograph by Erin Boyle.


Above: Harvested by hand on a family farm in California, olive leaves and myrtle combine for a fragrant 8-foot garland; $69 from Pottery Barn.


Above: Available in lengths of from 9 to 72 feet, a Mixed Garland of Western red and incense cedar with white pine is from $34.95 to $169.95 from Lynch Creek Farm.


Above: A 10-foot-long Fresh Seeded Magnolia And Berry Garland is made of a mix of Southern magnolia, eucalyptus seeds, and toyon berries and is $168 from Terrain.


Above: A 10-foot Cedar Garland is $39.95 from Fernhill Holly Farms.

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