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10 Easy Pieces: Zinc Barrel Planters

March 31, 2015 1:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

Fluted metal planters owe their design to the barrel shapes of Victorian-era laundry tubs. (In those pre-wringer days, lightweight zinc wash tubs were easier to haul around than heavy wooden barrels.) Isn’t it nice to live in the 21st century?

Here are 10 ribbed metal planters that will look better in the garden than they ever could in a laundry room:

Above: Named after the city in Provence that inspired the design, a set of two zinc-plated steel Vence Planters is £95 from Garden Trading.

Above: For US shoppers, Vence Planters are available in two sizes (with diameters of 12.5 inches of 16 inches) and are sold in pairs; they are available for $79.95 and $99.95 respectively from Williams-Sonoma. Color and wax are applied to the ribbed surfaces to make them look aged.

Above: Made of thin zinc plates, a 20-inch-tall Vitzink barrel is best used as a decorative outer pot (it’s not watertight). IT is 299 SEK from Granit.

Above: A pair of zinc-plated steel Tall Fluted Planters is watertight and has drainage holes; £125 from Cox and Cox.

Above: Available in two sizes, fluted metal Provence Planters measure 15.75 inches tall (small size) and 19.5 inches tall (large size). They are £65 and £75 depending on size from The Balcony Gardener.

Above: After a previous life as laundry tubs, a collection of nine Vintage Galvanized Dolly Tub Planters is £95 apiece from Goose Home and Garden. Each planter has a one-of-a-kind ribbed pattern.

Above: With jute handles and a distressed finish, a Zinc Planter Set of three metal buckets is £75 from Nordic House.

Above: A Metal Planter Set with three fluted barrels in graduated sizes is on sale for $239.25 from Aidan Gray.

Above: Available with two styles of rim, a 19-inch-high Vintage Galvanized Wash Tub is $265 from Detroit Garden Works.

Above: An extra large barrel Eclectic Galvanized Metal Planter measures 24 inches high and is $149 from Pottery Barn.

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