10 Easy Pieces: Glass Bottle Vases by

Issue 77 · Summerhouse Gardens · June 18, 2013

10 Easy Pieces: Glass Bottle Vases

Issue 77 · Summerhouse Gardens · June 18, 2013

The first thing to do after the car pulls up to the house is to pick a few wildflowers, fill a simple glass bottle with water, and plonk down the perfect summerhouse arrangement in the middle of the kitchen table. Here are ten of our favorite glass bottle vases:

suspended bottle vases of flowers at a wedding

Above: Photograph by Alice Gao.

At her wedding last summer, Erin filled glass bottles with flowers and suspended them in mid-air; for more, see Reading My Tea Leaves.

recycled glass bottle vases two sizes

Above: A large Recycled Glass Bottle is ₤16.50 and a Small Recycled Glass Bottle for shorter stems is ₤12 from Garden Trading.

glass bottle vase from canvas

Above: Made from recycled glass, a handmade Tall Glass Bottle Vase is approximately 15 inches high; $45 from Canvas.

  clear glass vintage french perfume bottles bud vases

Above: Ideal bud vases, a set of three tiny clear glass French Vintage Perfume Bottles, approximately 3 inches tall, is $18 via Etsy.

korken glass bottle with stopper ikea

Above: A Korken clear glass bottle holds 32 ounces of liquid; open the stopper and it becomes a single-stem bud vase; $3.99 from Ikea.

milky white glass fat bottle vase

Above: A milky white glass Fat Bottle Vase from Dutch design house Pols Potten is 14.2 inches high and is $89.50 from Lekker Home.

recycled glass vases blue white clear west elm

Above: Recycled Glass Jugs, available in two sizes and six colors, are from $19 to $29 at West Elm.

clear glass bottle with screw on cap

Above: An 11.5-inch-tall clear glass Claret Bottle is $2.99 from Save on Crafts.

clear glass bottle vases vintage via etsy

Above: A set of four Vintage Clear Glass Vases ranging in height from 6 to 9 inches tall is $24.50 via Etsy.

  vintage wide mouthed one of a kind colored glass bottle vase

Above: Each one-of-a-kind wide-mouthed Vintage French Bottle varies in color and size; $228 apiece from Terrain. 

bottle vase from cox and cox

Above: A 30-centimeter-tall Glass Jar Vase has a "slimline neck" to hold stems upright; it's 26 from Cox and Cox.

For more of our favorite vases, see 10 Easy Pieces: Simple Glass Vases Under $30.

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