10 Easy Pieces: Potting Shed Brushes by

Issue 5 · Potting Sheds · February 5, 2014

10 Easy Pieces: Potting Shed Brushes

Issue 5 · Potting Sheds · February 5, 2014

What makes a perfect brush? We think it is one that is made from natural materials, hard working, and great looking. Our ideal potting shed has a kit of brushes that can tackle a variety of duties. Here's our collection. 

Flowerpot Brush, Gardenista  

Above: Made of sustainable wood and natural bristles, the Nutscene Flowerpot Brush is shaped for cleaning compost, roots, and other unwanted remnants from flowerpots with ease; $18 CAD at Tinder (flat fee shipping to US and in Canada).

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Garden Dustpan and Brush, Gardenista  

Above: The Garden Dustpan and Brush is made for use outdoors in the garden or in the garden shed. The dustpan is powder-coated steel with a wooden handle and a leather hanging loop. The brush features strong tampico bristles perfect for sweeping up dirt and gardening debris; $58 at Brook Farm General Store. 

Palm Fiber Bench Brush, Gardenista

Above: A miniature broom to keep your bench, pots, and tools tidy, the Palm Fiber Bench Brush is $13.95 at Kaufmann Mercantile.

Redecker Scrub Brush, Gardenista  

Above: S-shaped to comfortably fit your hand, the Redecker Scrub Brush is crafted in Germany of rugged natural palm fibers for tough scrubbing. It is a generous 8 inches long and 2.25 inches wide; $4.95 at Crate and Barrel. 

Natural Bristle Bench Brushes, Gardenista

Above: Designed for jewelers' benches, the Natural Bristle Washout Brushes are handy for cleaning crevices, shelves, and other skinny spots; $14.95 at Rio Grande.

Hantwerk Washing up Whisk, Gardenista  

Above: Made from natural cereal root, the Iris Hantverk Washing Up Whisk is a sturdy scrubber most often found in the kitchen, but well suited for cleaning tasks in the garden workroom; $11.99 at Flotsam and Fork. 

Dutch Brush Handbroom, Gardenista  

Above: Sweep your potting surface (and underneath) with a classic Dutch style handbroom. The Dutch Brush is handwoven with sweetgrass and red twine; $18 at Brook Farm General Store. 

Round Vegetable Brush, Gardenista

Above: I use the Round Vegetable Brush for brushing dirt clumps off my bulbs. It's also perfect for cleaning your freshly picked vegetables. With a comfortable beechwood handle and natural tampico fiber bristles, it's $12 at Brook Farm General Store.

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Destpan Brush, Gardenista

Above: Every bench needs a flat bench brush to clean dirt, dust, and debris from the surface. The Iris Hantverk Dust Pan Brush is made in Sweden of oiled beech and horsehair; $25 at Ancient Industries. 

Nail Brush, Gardenista

Above: Gardeners need a good nail brush at hand. The Iris Hantverk Wood Nail Brush is made from oil-treated oak and tampico fibers; $19.95 at Williams Sonoma. 

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