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10 Easy Pieces: Amphora Rainwater Urns

September 01, 2015 1:30 PM

BY Michelle Slatalla

An amphora goes with everything. The clay jar’s graceful, classical curves have been a go-to shape for stylish storage vessels since the Bronze Age. Lately we see modern interpretations we like, to use for rainwater collection. Here are 10 high-and-low finds, both new and antique:


Above: A lightweight Rainwater Tank Amphora made of plastic is 47 inches tall and has the capacity to hold 79 gallons of water. It can connect to a hose via its spigot (which has a 3/4-inch thread). It is €199 via Hornbach.

Above: A Greek Revival-style Large 19th century Terracotta Urn is 36 inches high and has a diameter of 28 inches at its widest point. It has chips on the rim, stains from salt water, and some scratches; $3,800 from Ralph Lauren via 1stdibs.

Above: With the look of an antique, an oversize Amphora Rain Barrel Planter comes in two large sizes–with a capacity of 66 or 95 gallons–and has a brass tap. It is available for $499.99 or $699.99 depending on size from Improvements.

Above: An antique, large Greek Garden Urn dates to the 19th century. It is 32 inches wide; $3,795 from Antique Swan via 1stdibs.

Above: Made in Tuscany, a clay Amphora made of terra cotta from Impruneta is available in six sizes at prices ranging from €161 to €485 from Marrangoni Pottery.

Above: A Rainwater Amphora Water Butt measures 51 inches high and with a 27-inch diameter comes with a choice of a brass or chrome tap and has a capacity to hold 66 gallons of water; £279.95 from Water Butts Direct.

Above: A set of two Monumental Enfield Pottery Terracotta Urns are 47 inches tall. Made by the Enfield Pottery and Tile Co. of Pennsylvania for Louis Comfort Tiffany, they have a classic Greek form, with narrow necks and flared rims. For more information and pricing, see dealer Todd Merrill at 1stdibs.

Above: A lightweight 50-gallon Rainwater Urn made of polyethylene plastic comes with a 4-foot hose to attach to the spigot and is $120 from Gardeners Supply.

Above: An Amphora Rainwater Tank has a 160-gallon capacity; $629.95 from Rain Harvest Systems.

Above: A Terracotta Effect Water Butt has a removable planter and a hole in its lid to connect directly to a drainpipe. It is £144.99 from Primrose.

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